Dylan Nadsady is an illustrator and fine artist who

works in all mediums of analog and digital 2D art.

His works are views into worlds close to home, but

out of this world. He is inspired by the details and

themes that shape our cultures and world.

Through humor and raw emotion, he creates

whimsical images that tell stories and provide an

intense visual experience for the brain and soul.


Dylan has grown up coast-to-coast, being equally

inspired as much by suburban southern California

as rural Florida. Having films, novels, video games,

comics and music being the most potent inspiration

behind his art, he strives to push popular culture

storytelling to it's next steps with fine art sensibilities

and illustration discipline. Trained in both graphic

design and fine arts while getting his

BFA in Digital Arts at the University of West Florida,

Dylan is a proponent of how traditional fine art can influence design and illustration, and vice versa.

He has and continues to work in the design field professionally. He has created video exhibition content for the T.T. Wentworth Jr Museum in Pensacola, FL, as well as being the previous lead artist and graphic designer for Perfect Plain Brewing Co. He does work for a range of breweries in the gulf coast area, including Emerald Republic Brewing Co. (pictured above).

Today he is a working freelance artist and designer for local business and abroad. His main drive as an artist is writing and illustrating his own comics and graphic novels for publication. He is also studying animation to expand his storytelling repertoire and craft.

Most times he is joined by his dog Phoebe, who gets the sleep for him that he probably needs.